Saltwater Fishing: The Fundamentals You Need To Know

By:NS Kennedy Kennedy

The fish you are after in saltwater fishing are probably these:

- cod
- tarpon
- eels
- sea catfish
- mackerel
- barracuda
- swordfish
- bass
- tuna
- sharks
- and many more varieties.

The Gear You Need

First and foremost, you need a good quality rod. Go for 8 and a half to 9 feet. Also, insure it is good quality as you will need the strength. In reels, you should go for those that are protected from saltwater corrosion. Look for those made from stainless steel, titanium or fiber/resin. Again, go with a good quality choice, one that is at least $100. For your line, you’ll need a floating line for flat or shallow areas. For underwater fishing, go with a clear, middle ground line. Try out one of the clear, sink tip lines too. In leaders, you need a longer leader for a shy fish. For one that is toothy, go with a thick leader. Also, flies. You will need to choose a variety of flies. You can purchase them in a wide variety or look for those promoted by expert anglers.

Now, Casting

Have you done any fly casting for trout? Yes? Then, you’ll have no problem. The goal is to go light. Don’t overline which is when you use a line that is over the recommended weight for your fishing rod. No experience? Try to take advantage of some lessons before heading out or take a professional to teach you.

When it comes to hooking your fish, don’t lift your rod high into the air. You don’t want to fight it. Try to upset the fish’s swimming pattern by rolling it. When you are ready to land it, keep your rod tip low. If you high stick it, then you are likely to break your rod. Use a pair of pliers and gloves to make sure you don’t end up hurt.

What To Bait With

You can use both live and artificial bait in saltwater fishing. You can use live and natural products for a wide range of fish. Most will take shrimp and baitfish work well too. If you use something that your fish would normally eat in his diet, you are likely to get a hit. This could be things like crayfish, crabs, oysters and crustacean. Make sure that you do not overweight it. The size of your hook should be the size of your bait.

All of this has you ready to head out to enjoy the awesome adventure of saltwater fishing. You can find most of your equipment and a whole lot of information online for your next saltwater trip.

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