7 Things Your Software To Learn French Should Have


Thank goodness for software to learn French! Not so long ago we had alternatives of either dusty books or dull tapes. Now we have a revolution in learning that makes getting comfortable with the French language lots quicker and much more fun!

But with so many choices, how do we know which software to learn French is the one for you?

1. Can you review it first?

With a lot of software you can get a free tester to try. At least a few of the French language programs give the same. If you can get some free French lessons it will help you decide whether the software is for you. Even if you don't particularly like it, you got a few French lessons for free!

2. Is it interactive?

Now that may seem like a unnecessary question. Surely all French language software will be interactive. Nope. Some are just re-formatted examples of the old tedious tapes that have been out for ages. Beware cheap French language software, it's probably of little use.

3. How does it cope with French audio?

Again you might believe any French programs to take advantage of the functionality of your computer and provide you with sound files. Surprisingly some don't. When you're looking for software to learn French it is a definite advantage if the audio is in MP3 format so you can transfer it to a player or CD. That way you get the extra benefit of samples on the move, away from your home PC.

4. How does it handle actually speaking French?

Assuming your software has proper sound components, are they spoken by an English person speaking French or a native French speaker? I'd say it was of far greater benefit to listen to and learn from a French person if that's the language I was learning.

5. How are French grammar, verbs and vocabulary handled?

One of the major bonuses of learning French from software on your PC has to be the degree of interactivity. Good French programs will involve you and challenge you. Does the program you're thinking about offer video or illustrated lessons? Does it use interesting games to make learning French more interesting?

6. How far can it take you?

When searching for software to learn French consider how far you can go with the package. Is it just a beginner's course? Will you have to pay extra for intermediate lessons? Or is it a product that will take you right from nothing through intermediate success to proficient French?

7. What guarantees have you got?

OK, your French software program may offer to teach you perfect French in a week (unrealistic) or capable French in a couple of months (achievable) but do they actually offer any guarantees? There are some that have your money back if not happy with the results. A guarantee like that would obviously make me trust in their ability to deliver. I learn or it costs me nothing - can't better that.

Language education has continually improved since I was a child and software to learn French can be challenging and engaging which is bound to help you learn faster and more completely. Like all software there are a vast range of products and prices and it's challenging to choose. I hope the above will help guide you.

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