Cook Islands Travel


Cook Islands Travel

A Cook Islands travel is like discovering a heavenly sanctuary perfect for a secluded, quiet escape. Situated in the middle of Pacific Ocean, with a few inhabitants and paradise-like surroundings, a trip to the islands would be an authentic and refined Pacific experience encased in a lifestyle exuding with utmost warmth and happiness and peace. Despite the number of 90,000 visitors a year to its capital island "Rarotonga" the Cook Islands is largely unspoiled by the tourism. Nowhere could a high-rise hotel be found, and there are only four beach buggies and very little hype around. The density of the crowd is not intruding to a restful and calm environment that a vacationer needs.

The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific, about 1875 miles (3015 km) north east of Auckland. They lie in the center of the Polynesian Triangle, flanked to the west by The Kingdom of Tonga and the Samoas and to the east by Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia. The Cooks' nearest neighbors are Tahiti to the east and American Samoa to the west, each roughly 1500km (930 miles) away.

A Travel to Cook Islands is easy. The fastest way, of course, is through flying. The international airport for the Cooks is on Rarotonga. This makes a convenient stop for trans-Pacific aircraft because Rarotonga lies at the heart of the Polynesian triangle. There are several weekly scheduled flights from New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii, Los Angeles and Fiji. Also, there are some other passenger plane services flying from Australia and New Zealand.

On the other hand, you can streamline your entry to the islands with the most romantic scenery through an ocean liner. If you have plenty of time and interest and wonder for the sea, the best method is probably by yacht. Then you could spend weeks navigating your way around all the northern atolls and seeing the South Seas the way the ancient voyagers did.

Almost everyone in Cook Islands speak English, so communication wouldn't be a problem. For a Cook Islands travel, accommodation isn't also an issue, for it is plentiful in the southern group islands—hotels and motels and lodges are easy to find. There are also an array of resorts, deluxe villas, bungalows, self-catering accommodations, apartment units, cabins, budget and backpacking hostels and guest houses—all types of accommodation to suit your pockets.

There are also a lot of adventure in store for the active soul. Activities for visitors are many and varied. They include hiking, pony trekking, diving (both scuba and snorkeling), sports and game fishing, cultural tours, bird-watching tours, scenic flights, golf, tennis, squash and lawn bowls. Arts and crafts can be bought on Rarotonga as well as black pearls which is a major industry in these islands.

In search for holiday destination, island hopping or a spectacular adventure? Search no more. Ideal for travelers who are seeking more than the usual clichés that are associated with the South Seas, each island has its unique qualities and offers the visitor a special experience. People here are eager to share their rich culture and a lush tapestry of traditions that entwine within their daily living. With the utmost peace and seclusion, you are in for an immersion to one unforgettable getaway.

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